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The Urantia Files: Fact or Fiction?

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The most important documentary ever produced?

Local indie production company, Mystic Scribes Productions, is announcing the development of what they say is, "perhaps the most important documentary series ever produced."

Entitled, The Urantia Files: Fact or Fiction?, this documentary series is being formatted for television, but it will also be a free web-series to be produced in over 100 languages and available online, free to watch by the entire world.

Says writer, producer, director, Aubrey C. Baptist, "The series is based upon the obscure, Urantia Book, that is purportedly authored by numerous celestial (not alien) beings that claim the word, Urantia, is the name that our ancient ancestors gave to our planet, Earth, and apparently translates to mean, 'Our place in the Heavens'."

The Urantia Book was published by the non-profit Urantia Foundation (not a structured church or religious organization) in 1955 and has never really been promoted except via word-of-mouth and now, social media.

Consequently, few people know about it and even fewer have read or listened to it, despite the fact that both text and audio versions are now available online for free at

Says, Baptist, "Knowledgeable sources put the number of people estimated to know about this amazing book at somewhere around a mere one million people worldwide."

By almost anyone's reckoning that makes it a best seller of sorts, but Baptist says it is so obscure that if you ask anyone you know, "Have you ever heard of...or read the Urantia Book?", you'll likely find that almost no one will answer yes to that question.

"The minute one picks up this book, you are intimidated by its sheer size and bulk so that may be one reason." says Baptist. "But once you begin....and if you are a really curious or wanting-to-know kind of person....then you will soon discover that this book is unlike any other book ever published."

Asks Baptist,"Why? Simply because no other single book or source tells us the entire history of the cosmos, the origins of life, the details of the celestial hierarchy that governs all existence, the history of our world, not to mention our own individual and collective destinies,..and much, much more."

"In point of fact," adds Baptist, "the authors cite the Urantia Book as their fifth ever epochal revelation to humankind and they also offer us the most sublimely beautiful account of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, from beginning to end, ever written."

Says Victoria, BC, executive producer, Denise C Peat, "For the past four years, we have been working very hard toward the production of a documentary series about this absolutely beautiful book. We have thoroughly investigated its amazing origins, its incredible contents, the various communities and some of the many...curious individuals that have emerged as a result of the book."

"Our efforts have been neither pro or con. We just wanted to answer our main question about the Urantia Book: could it possibly be true? And what we've discovered is, simply put...mind-blowing. And we can't wait to share our incredible findings with the world." Adds Peat.

Joining the core production team as Chief Narrator is amazing voice talent artist, Brian Richy (Toronto), and Chief Financial Officer, Raymond Welsh (Victoria, BC)

Says Baptist, "Our core team is an extremely talented and skilled group of people that all believe in the importance of this epic documentary series and see in it, the possibility of really effecting a positive change in the world. And that's what 'perhaps makes it the most important documentary series ever produced'."

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